China Zhongwang placed an order to Pesmel for two automated plate packing lines. The packing lines are positive continuation to earlier ordered four coil packing lines. Plate packing lines are delivered to hot rolling mill in Tianjin. First plates will be packed in spring 2015.

Plate packing line 1 serves the cut to length line, which annual capacity is 120 000 tons. The packing line receives maximum 24 meter plates with weight up to 10 000 kg. Packing line 2 is located after the sawing mill. Sawing mill produces 200 000 tons of aluminum plate annually with maximum package length of 12 meters and weight up to 10 000 kg.

Both lines are fully automated with interfaces to mill information system, process lines and shipment warehouse. The lines have 1-2 operators for supervision and packing material refilling. The packages include several packing layers with different materials to provide the ultimate moisture and mechanical protection. China Zhongwang is aluminum supplier of the world’s leading manufacturers for aircraft, marine and commercial vehicle industries. As the customers are world class companies with demanding products, the raw material packing is required to follow the same high standards.

China Zhongwang has become one of Pesmel’s most important customers in Asia. “We are honored to be a part of the China Zhongwang’s investment project and looking forward for the future cooperation.” says Mikko Rissanen, area sales director of Pesmel.